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The German Spitz Dog was bred with other breeds, such as Pomeranians and Keeshonds.  Any Keeshond mix that was not gray was shuttled over to this breed, as well as Pomeranians who were too big by a few pounds. These cast offs were eventually standardized and found a home in circuses as performing animals.  The breed was spread far and wide by circus audiences that saw the dog perform and then bought a puppy from the circus. They were renamed after WWII to remove the “spitz” from their name and all associations to Germany.

This is a spitz, no matter the size or name. They are tough and independent and love to get into mental challenges.  These challenges can be tricks that you teach them or how to get into the fridge when you aren’t around.  That will be your choice. They are tough, so don’t leave them with small pets, other dogs, or small children. They will be barkers and watchdogs. They are not overly fond of strangers, accounting for their watchdog tendencies.