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A bulldog/terrier mix, this dog was bred for fighting other dogs in pits, hence the alternate name, ‘pit bull’.  The American version of the Stafford was bred to be a little larger than its british counterpart, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. To be controlled in a fighting situation, a dog was needed that was very eager to follow orders and would not be as generally vicious as other terriers.

As long as they are well socialized, they can be very sweet dogs. The tendency to be aggressive is a result of environment over natural disposition.  That being said, it tends to be dominant with other dogs and should be watched for fights that result from such. These dogs are terribly eager to gain affection from humans and are fearless when they have a reason to be protective. This breed should be given a great deal of exercise and will do well in most environments if given ample exercise and tasks to perform.