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While the distant ancestors of this breed were from various points in the Mediterranean, these dogs come from the Canary Islands.  Between Spanish and Italian sailors, these dogs made their way to Italy, where the invading French took them to France. It went from aristocratic favorite to common street dog in France and only survived through its innate ability to perform tricks.  Both WWI and WWII nearly killed off the breed, but a resurgence in the 1960s in America and new grooming standards have saved this breed.

These dogs want to make you happy and want to make you pay attention to them. They don’t like being ignored or left alone. They want companionship and all the comforts that come along with that. That being said, they can be stand-offish to those that are strangers.  They are smart and happy dogs most of the time. When they are displeased, they convey it through barking or other means of getting attention. This is a great family dog or companion for someone living alone.