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Bred at the border of England and Scotland, these dogs were bred for over a century before the end result came about. They distinguished themselves at the first ever herding competition by refusing to do what all other herders did; nip and bark to herd.  Instead, they would stare into the eyes of the sheep they herded until the sheep did what was desired.  When they finally came to America, they were an immediate hit within the herding community for their amazing abilities for obedience.

This is a dog that will not be happy without tasks. In fact, they will become destructive and compulsive if they do not have a set of tasks that they are put through on a consistent basis.  Once given their tasks, these dogs are very loyal and a little protective.  They are also highly obedient and can learn very complex tasks. It will do poorly with children if not exercised properly, nipping at their heels to create a task of its own. They will stare at animals and people.