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Created in Boston in the mid to late 1800s, the Boston is a mix of English Terrier, Bulldog, and French Bulldog. Oddly, it was not the typical dog fanciers that created the breed but the coachmen for their carriages. Sometimes called the Boston Bull Terrier, this title upset the Bull Terrier folks and the name was kept at Boston Terrier.

This is a dog that is devoted to its family. There will be one person in particular that they are closest to, but they like to be around any part of the family. They are little spit fires of energy, fearless and inquisitive, but lack the respiratory tract to keep up their energy very often. They may need to be calmed down so that they can catch their breath. They are as smart as a terrier can come and will let you know if they are displeased with you. These are wonderful companions and do well in homes with small children, as they can handle the rigors of childhood.