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A domesticated dog of the Jews in biblical times, the dogs were left to fend for themselves when the Romans displaced the Jews. They survived in the desert for centuries with the Bedouin, serving as livestock guardians. They eventually became feral and remained that way until just after the country of Israel was created.  Since no other dogs could handle the climate, the Israelis adopted the dog as messengers, sentries, mine detectors, and for locating wounded soldiers. They even served as seeing eye dogs.  Arriving in America only recently, it is still one of the lesser known breeds.

This is a dog that is oriented around helping humans.  They are intelligent but still eager to please through a variety of tasks. The breed is known for grace and agility. They are very devoted and welcome strangers. They are not, however, accepting of other dogs, unless socialized well in their early life. They can be barkers.