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Brought to Cardiganshire, Wales from somewhere in Europe, this dog was probably used in the kitchens, early on, as a turn spit dog. Later on, people found that it did even better with herding trials.  These dogs worked with cattle, nipping at their heels, but being small enough to duck when the cattle kicked at them. This allowed the dog a longer life than many other herding breeds. The dogs were supposed to be about a yard long, leading them to be called Yard Dogs for a long time. Currently the most famous owner of the breed is the Queen of England.

Corgis like to run. They will always like to run. They need exercise to be happy. It does well with bigger dogs, but won’t back down from a fight, even when outmatched. They d well at home, but can be barkers.  When playing in a pack, they often appoint themselves as the referee and try to control all of the play that happens.