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The name Collie probably came from the Celtic term for “useful”.  These were herders that came in rough and smooth coated varieties, although in America, we think of the Rough Coated as the only kind. Queen Victoria was the one to pluck them from obscurity and place them as a dog of influence in 1880. Soon after, they made their way to American aristocracy.  Collies reached their peak of popularity with the Lassie movies and TV show of the 1950s.

These dogs are reserved but not as drastically as some other dogs. They are intelligent and have the stubbornness that can come along with those smarts. They do like to have tasks and at play time can get frustrated if they don’t have enough to do. They may not do well in homes with children, as they may nip at their heels in play. They are natural explorers, but are delicate and aware with their surroundings. They are careful not to disturb or break things as they investigate.