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While the Cardigan was developed in Cardiganshire, the Pembroke was brought about in Pembrokeshire. This breed shared the same job as the Cardigan, herding cattle. They were just as efficient as the Cardigan because they, too, could duck under the kicking cattle that they herded.  When the two breeds began to show with one another, judges became confused. That the Cardigan had a tail and the Pembroke didn’t was an immediate observation, but also the face of the Pembroke was more pointed.  The judges decided that was enough for separate breeds and the two have been kept that way.  King George the Vi and Queen Elizabeth the II made these dogs very popular with their support.

This is another devoted dog that is going to need mental exercise to be happy. Physcial exercise will be a requirement as well. If it doesn’t get enough activity, it can get into trouble as it tries to fill its day. They are good with kids but are can nip at the heels.  They are more gentle than much of the herding class if this happens. These guys are clowns and like to amuse the family to get attention.