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The Pug’s name comes from the latin for “fist”, refering to its head.  These dogs were actually bred down from Mastiffs. They come out of Budhdhist Temples where they worked as ratters. The Dutch East India Trading Company brought the breed to Europe where the ‘Prince mark’, the vertical wrinkle on their forehead, endeared them to many.  They eventually became the official dog of the House of Orange by warning of an attack by the Spanish on Prince William.  Josephine even used one as a courrier, when imprisoned, to get messages to Napoleon.  These dogs are also known as the Arthritis Dog. It’s habit of falling asleep where ever they are placed and the excellent heat that they emit served as an aid to human suffering from arthritis.

This breed may be prone to obesity.  That, plus a severely compromised respiratory tract, leads them to have signature wheezing and snorting and snoring. They are intelligent and eager to please, but can be headstrong. They are incredibly loyal and, if kept in shape, are wonderful players, engaging in various games. They are not afraid of the big dogs in the least.