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Crossed with a bulldog and a Black and Tan Terrier, this breed was created for killing other dogs.  The idea was to have a dog that was non-aggressive to humans but a terrible fighter with other dogs. Pit fighting is very illegal now, but does still happen. This has given the breed a horrible reputation as dogs trained to be fighters have turned on humans at various times.

These are sweet dogs, if brought-up with love and care and can be a very loyal member of the family. They can be vicious animals, if brought-up in abusive and/or harsh environments. They love a good game of tug-o-war and are usually looking to please their master. They will be lap dogs, if you allow it. If presented with a threat, they have no fear at all and have the terrier tenacity. They are known in England as the Nanny Dog, because of their habit of “adopting” the human children in the house and protecting them. This can lead to horrible problems if other children come over and play too roughly.