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Not actually French, these dogs came from Asian water dogs. The German version was the one that gained the greatest popularity and was named after the German word for “to splash”. The breed was originally used for duck hunting.  Since then it has been used as a performer, a police dog, and military dog. Almost dying out in the 1920s, they have regained popularity to become one of the most popular breeds.

These are smart, happy dogs that want to have a good time. They will, depending on the level of socialization, love to wrestle and run with other dogs or want to go off and run or hunt.  They love water and will take a while to dry off, but that won’t stop them from playing in the stream they come across. They are patient with children and try to please to get attention.  Please don’t think of these dogs in relation to the little versions of poodles.  They are a different breed altogether.