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Not actually French, these dogs came from Asian water dogs. The German version was the one that gained the greatest popularity and was named after the German word for “to splash”. The breed was originally used for duck hunting.  It has since been used as a performer, a police dog, and military dog. Almost dying out in the 1920s, they have regained popularity to become one of the most popular breeds. The show cut that is so particular to the breed was actually made to protect the dog’s joints when they went into cold water to retrieve ducks.

These dogs are another breed where the socialization will dictate two separate paths.  Well socialized poodles will be energetic and playful with other dogs, as well as people.  Non-socialized poodles can act out towards other dogs and/or people.  They can be territorial unless there are firm boundaries that prevent such behaviors.  Well socialized poodles are clowns that will have several favorite toys and look for a constant interaction from someone.  Less socialization will lead to a single person being the caregiver and everyone else a mere annoyance.