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Company Philosophy

Lucky Dog was born in 2003. The first couple of years was spent quietly learning all of the things that needed to be done and not done by pounding the pavement and paying close attention to the mistakes that other dog walking companies were making. Every mistake that the other companies made were lessons that Lucky Dog took and learned from. In 2005, the first employee was hired. We found that the principles that were valuable to their company and clients could be met by others, if they were given proper training. The long, arduous process of putting together a training program began. In order to offer far more than other companies could, the resulting training became significantly more complex than was required by anyone else. The idea was that only the best people would make it through our training.

By the beginning of 2006, with an expanding business, new people were brought into the company. With the length of training that was demanded, many people that wanted to work with us would fall to the side and only the ones that were really committed were able to remain. Those people have remained with us consistently ever since, with our work force being together for over a year.

The training process is still happening and new people are learning all of the critical things that we can offer that no other company is willing to offer. The demands of accurate service that caters to our client’s particular needs is being met on a daily basis. Feel free to contact us and find out how we are able to take care of your pet care needs.