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When a dog bite occurs, it will happen in one of two ways.  Either it will be a puncture or a tear.  The puncture is where the tooth goes in and comes back out in one smooth motion.  A tear happens when the tooth goes in and pulls down, ripping a line of flesh as it does so.  The puncture is far more dangerous of the two types of bites.  When the puncture happens, the flesh around the wound swells and seals the wound.  This will prevent any bacteria from being expelled and increase the chance for infection.  If the bacteria infection is caught within the body, the body can form a fibrous cocoon, called a fibroma, around the infection, sealing it off from infecting the body.  Unfortunately, this also prevents the body from destroying the infection.  The fibroma may have to be cut open to get rid of it.  For a tear, the wound may not be as quick to clot but is more easily cleaned of infection.

Dog bites are dangerous for two main reasons, the damage to the flesh as well as infection.  There are multiple types of infection and if a bite occurs the biting dog must be checked for inoculations and possible infections.  Even if the dog is up to date on shots, there are other, less drastic, infections possible,  Medical attention should be sought immediately to treat the wound and prevent infection.

CDC research from 2001 shows 1008 emergency room visits from dog bites per day.  The Insurance Information Institute shows that over 50% of dog bites occur on the owner’s property (nationwide) and that 77% of victims are friends or family of the pet’s owner.