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This is a condition that happens with dogs that are exposed to freezing or subfreezing temperatures for an extended period of time.  When this occurs, soft tissue at the extremities, especially toes, tips of ears, tip of the tail, and scrotum, will be too cold to retain proper heat.  In an attempt to persevere itself in cold temperatures, the capillaries constrict at the furthest points from the heart which prevents heat from keeping the tissue healthy.  The skin will show, at this point, as bluish or grey, or merely very pale.  With proper care, the skin can return back to full health.  Warm, not hot, towels should be lightly laid on affected areas or submersion in warm water can also be used.   The flesh will be numb now but when the feeling returns, it will be painful.  Not pressure should be allowed to the area as it can cause additional damage.    These areas will be red when the feeling returns if everything is healthy.  If the skin darkens instead, go to your veterinarian immediately.