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This is a hereditary disorder that prevents proper production of an enzyme that metabolizes glucose.  This prevents the dog from being able to properly use the sugar that is in the bloodstream.  Aside from prohibiting short term energy levels, this glucose is gathered in several different possible places; liver, kidneys, and the heart.  This will prevent them from operating properly as well as possibly enlarging the organs.  There are four types of the disorder in dogs, some being fatal very early in life and some requiring long term care and attention.  Certain breeds are more prone to this disorder: English Springer Spaniel, German Shepherd, Lapland, and Maltese.   Symptoms can include:

  • Low Blood Sugar
  • Lack of Growth
  • Mental Depression
  • Vomiting
  • Progressive Muscle Weakness
  • Cardiac Difficulties
  • Anemia
  • Blood in Urine
  • Increased Blood Concentrations of Acids and Triglycerides
  • Enlargement of Liver
  • Death