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1) No owner shall allow his dog to hunt deer if the deer can roam on state parks, reservation, game farm, or wildlife refuge.  No owner shall allow his dog to run at large unless on his own land.

2) No owner or trainer shall take a dog afield for training on wild game except between August 16th to April 15.

3) Dogs may be trained artificially propagated game that is shackled or led or confined or may use dummies or other artificial devices on lands owned or leased by the owner of the dog.  Such training must not disturb or injure wildlife.

4) During such training of the dog, no trainer or person in his company will possess a firearm loaded with anything but blank cartridges nor will inflict injury to animals or game birds.

6) Wildlife, with the exceptions of skunk, deer, and bear, may be taken with the aid of a dog provided that the dog has been trained and licensed as tracking dogs.