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1) The first time a dog is licensed it will receive a permanent license identification number.  The tag with this number must be affixed to the dog at all times.  Show dogs in a chow will be exempt from that requirement.

2) The number will remain with that dog, regardless of any change in ownership.  Such numbers will not be reassigned.

3) At the time of first license, the owner will be given a tag at no charge.  Any replacement tags will be at the owner’s cost.

4) No dog will carry a tag except the tag that it has been assigned.

5) The holder of a purebred license may procure as many tags as desired with the purebred license number on it.  That tag must be placed on the dogs harbored except while in a dog show.

7) The license of a guide , service, hearing, or detection dog will have a special tag to identify it.  This special tag shall be accompanied by the regular license tag.