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1) Any dog control officer may seize a dog that is not identified or not on the owner’s premises or not licensed, either on or off the owner’s premises or a dog that is not in the control of the owner or on his premises and gives cause to believe the dog is dangerous or a dog that poses an immediate threat to public safety.  Any dog seized will commence a proceeding as laid out in Section 121 of this article.

2) Any dog control officer or police officer may seize a dog that is in violation of any law or ordinance.

3) Each dog seized shall be properly cared for during the redemption period stated below.

4) Each dog seized shall be held for a period of five days redemption period.  The owner may redeem the dog if the owner provides proof of ownership and pays appropriate fees.

6) Any identified dog seized will have the owner of record shall be notified personally or by certified mail.  The redemption period for personal notification will be seven days and notification by certified mail will be nine days.

7) Any dog not redeemed in the redemption period shall forfeit title to the dog and the dog becomes available for either adoption or euthanasia.

8) The redemption period can be altered by a municipality but may not be less than three days.