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1) Enclosures or cages must be structurally sound and in good repair.  The housing must protect the animal and have non-porous surfaces so that fluids can be properly cleaned instead of absorbed into the material.  The housing shall provide sufficient space for normal movement and adjustment.  This includes standing, turning around, and the ability to lie down with limbs outstretched.  Housing must be ventilated at all times and temperature controlled for the well being of the animal.  Lighting must be sufficient to provide proper inspection of the animal.  Any indoor facility must provide for proper elimination of waste so that the animal is not wet or dirty from such elimination.  A pregnant or nursing dog must be provided with a whelping box.  There must be an isolation area for any dog that is showing signs of contagion.  This does not include a cage.

2) All facilities must be kept clean to allow the animal to remain healthy.  This includes eliminating any waste materials or dangerous items.  The animals must never be left in their enclosure when it is being cleaned.

3) Feeding and Watering must be provided for the animal.  Food shall be “wholesome and palatable, free from contamination” and of sufficient nutritional value.  The animals must be fed at no more than twelve hours apart.   and in amounts that are appropriate for the age and size of the animal.

4) Each animal must be handled in a humane manner that does not allow for physical injury or harm.

5) Each dealer will provide veterinary care that includes regular visits and a written record.  Aside from normal veterinary care and inoculation, any animal that shows congenital or hereditary condition, the animal shall be euthanized.  If the animal is returned to the dealer due to a congenital or hereditary condition, the dealer will provide for veterinary care.

7) All animals will provide for daily exercise and human contact that fosters positive relations and is veterinarian approved.