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1) If a pet is deemed, within fourteen business days, to have a contagious or infectious disease or if, within one hundred and eighty calendar days, certified to be unfit for purchase due to a congenital defect that affects the health of the animal, then the consumer shall have one of several options: The consumer may return the animal for a full refund and veterinarian fees or return the animal for a replacement animal and veterinarian fees or the right to retain the animal and receive fees for a veterinarian of the consumer’s choosing that does not exceed the purchase price of the animal.

2) Any refund or reimbursement must be made within ten business days following a veterinarian certifying the condition of the animal.  The certification shall be presented to the dealer within three days of the veterinarian presenting certification to the consumer.

2-A) Any dealer selling an animal must vaccinate against rabies.

3) The presence of internal parasites will not be grounds for declaring the animal unfit for sale unless the parasites have made the dog ill.  No animal will be declared unfit for sale if an injury or illness is contracted after the sale of the animal.

4) If the consumer makes a demand for refund, exchange , or reimbursement, the dealer may demand that the animal be examined by a veterinarian of the dealer’s choosing.  If the dealer and consumer are unable to reach an agreement as to the financial amount within ten business days from such examination, the consumer may take an action at law.